Dave’s social

We went to my good friend Dave’s Wedding Social last night, it was at the Portuguese center. It was probably the best social that I’ve ever been to. They had the best social food that I’ve ever had, they had thirty or forty different things to try. There was lots of sea food, they had lasagna, roast beef, chicken wings, large chicken pieces, Perogies filled with egg roll filling, regular Perogies, super noodles with stuff, rice with random sea creatures in it (shrimp, octopus, squid), salad, and lots of other mixes of things that didn’t fit on my plate, plus a few tables of deserts that I didn’t make it to. It was an amazing social.  Today we are going to go for breakfast / lunch then go to Steve’s house for his house warming party. Wanda wants to go to subway, I’ve got a craving for a happy meal or two, we’ll see where we end up.