Didn’t know that the grinder makes the difference

Lately I bought some higher priced coffee the brand that starts and ends with the letter s. I bought it because we had some at Aaron’s house new years eve and it was awesome.

Aaron showed me how to make it, it went something like:

  1. add about this much water
  2. put a hand full of beans in here, don’t measure, maybe a bit more, that looks good
  3. push this button and away it goes

His coffee maker has a built in grinder so all was well, and it was excellent.

The coffee that I got had directions on the back, and luckily it was in metric and imperial measures and not in cups either (one measuring cup full of water somehow equals two cups in coffee maker world) anyway the directions say:

– Measure 2 Tbsp. (10 grams) of ground coffee to 6 fl oz (180 mL) water

-Use fresh filtered water

-Store coffee in an airtight container for no more than a week.


Sounds easy enough, so I got the measuring spoon, measured the coffee and put it into the filter that was sitting on the diet scale. (Ground coffee does weigh 5 grams per tablespoon.) then I measured 180 mL of water which is not even a cup so I tripled the recipe reweighed the grinds and put it into the maker. You would have to taste the coffee to believe me, it was horrible, and very strong. Wanda put one quarter of a cup of coffee into her cup then filled it with water and it was still too strong. I just don’t get it why does making coffee have to be so difficult, why do the directions never work out, and what’s with the measurements on coffee machine.  I like Aaron’s way much better, just dump some in and don’t measure.