Building day 8

We rented a zoom boom today to stand the walls, it was more than $500 for the day, but it was well worth it. We got all the walls stood and braced in one day with the help of some of our best friends. Jen and Tre were there with us the whole day through thick and thin. Best friend Aaron showed up early and worked well past the time that he was to supposed leave. Aaron was great help and I get the feeling that he has done some crane work before. Jen and Aaron found center of gravity and hooked the walls to the forks for me then stabilized them while we moved them into place, everything went very well. The fork truck worked excellent, it had a delicate touch and placed the walls exactly where we wanted them. Calvin and Mark came by for a few hours, and Mark did a lot of the top of the wall work. Later in the day Dave and Christina stopped in to help, I had Dave sawing strapping at the top of the wall, it was a rough job because the sun was down and the wind was up, it was cold. Wanda worked hard all day, she didn’t make it into the pictures often because she was holding the camera but she was doing everything with us.