Building day 3

There were no helpers today, and it was very hard to get going, I was super tired and sore everywhere. I wasn’t just sore, I was really sore and I felt sick in my stomach. I had no plan of what I was going to do when I got to the site. I was driving there at 8:00 am eating a bagel with cream cheese, I was sick.

I got there and it was a nice day.  I looked around, wished I brought a radio, then started cleaning; the place was a mess.  Following that I built a ladder for the miter saw; I should have built it days ago, it makes cutting so much easier.

Around lunch An anonymous helper came to give me a hand, together we framed 32 linear feet of wall.

So far we have 88 linear feet of wall framed out of 176 so we’re %50 there, then comes the roof.