Building day 2

Today we had My dad (Bryan), Ken, Gordie (sorry if I spelt that wrong), Wanda, Jen, Tre, and Myself working.

Wanda made us Bagels, Coffee, Tea, and Toast for breakfast. Then followed it up with Spaghetti and Meat sauce. It was the best spaghetti I’ve ever had. Wanda also built herself a cooking shelter, with attached dining area, she’s amazing.

Gordie brought his hammer drills and started boring into the cement to install wall anchors. I got 5.5 inch anchors and they were too short to use. He managed to avoid the camera the whole time he was there, but he did lots of work.

We finished the first wall (south) and stood up one more section, it was getting rather scary standing up the walls as the ground froze and the tractor couldn’t do any pulling, and couldn’t get close to the wall at all, it was crappy.  Those walls are tall, I was at the top of them untying ropes, it sucks but I’ll get used to it.

If you are wondering why we have so many windows on the south wall, it’s because I want to use the sun for solar heating. We should get heat in the winter, and the windows will be shaded by the roof overhang in the summer (the sun is higher in the sky in summer), I hope it works well.

If you’re wondering if it’s cold building in the winter the answer is no, it seems like a great time to build. it can snow all it wants and I don’t have to worry about it warping the wood, nothing is sinking into the mud, easy to book vacation, and no heat stroke. If I could I’d do it again in winter.

As always it was a race against the sun, but we finished the south wall today then went home early to watch the superbowl.