Broke a spindle

Our concrete guy is building the base of the building up to grade with cement wash. Cement wash is the unused cement that is left in the mixers at the end of the day, they water it down and dump it into a pile, after it cures they break it up then haul it to our place. The stuff packs really nice.

We went to look at the building site today, and had a talk with our concrete guy, he mentioned that we should spread some more 3/4″ down on the driveway. So I did some spreading while Wanda, Jen, and Tre cooked some hotdogs over a campfire. I just about finished the driveway, and I took too much wet rock and sand in the bucket at once, turned too sharp while backing up the driveway, and broke the left front spindle off the tractor. In layman’s terms, I broke the left front tire off. Well this one may turn expensive, I have to find a new spindle before winter, or I’ll have lots of snow to shovel.