Too much water

The stupid well we have has gone artesian on us. What that means is there is enough pressure in the earth to push the water out of the well and all over the place, the just of it is that I had to buy a temporary plug for $211 and put in ten feet into the well.

To plug the well I got a 4-6″ test plug, a length of hose, and a ten foot long 1″ pipe. The pipe had to be cut to fit into the car, but it had a flare on one end so that we could fit it together again. I put the test plug on the hose, then fed the hose through the pipe. I pushed the plug 10 feet down the well casing with the pipe then I inflated the plug with compressed air.

After inflated the plug will not move in the casing and the water from the well stops flowing. I bought a bilge pump and some nylon hose, we hooked the pump to a 12V car battery and sent it down the casing, it pumped the water out of the casing to below the frost level so that it won’t freeze.

The well is now fixed, so far. The next step is to install a snappy, and trench it to the house below the frost line. Following that we will install a submersible pump, permanent plug (because it’s artesian extra $400), and wire it to the house. Inside the house it gets a pressure switch and an expansion tank. I was quoted $2150 for this from a well place, I think I’m going to do it myself with the concrete guy.