We are still working on funding to build, our current problem is that the appraiser appraised our house as a shop rather than a house, this resulted in the value being a lot lower than the cost of building and it also means that the resale value is worth less to the bank. The result is that it was valued at less than half the cost of building, and the bank was only willing to loan us 65% of that value. Obviously this would not be enough to build with, actually not enough to get the concrete finished. One long conversation later and many phone calls, and it is being reappraised as a house, but it will be devalued due to it’s uncommon layout.

We got some 3/4″ down gravel, it’s a lot more like sand than I thought, but it was a good deal, and it’ll work good enough to keep the trucks from sinking into the driveway. It looks like I have some spreading to do, I thought the guy would have backed up further before he started dumping. I wish my tractor had a blade on it.