90 Jetta

We bought a newer 1990 Jetta turbo diesel that’s standard, it’s really nice, but it needs a motor (it makes lots of smoke, bad smoke). I’ll fix it after we build our house.

The house is coming along, there’s nothing new to see, but the paperwork is getting done, we sent the plans for appraisal and the lot has been appraised. The cement guy has the go ahead to do the grade beam and piles, and I ordered the rafters (there’s a long lead time from when they’re ordered until there’re built. We’ll have to wait for the bank’s approval before we order anything else. Hopefully we will find out this month. If I ever build another house, I’m going to buy a bigger desk, this one has piles of paperwork everywhere, I’m always rooting through it looking for something, and always redrawing our site plan for whatever reason.