Driveway on the way

Today went smoothly, the people that are hauling fill for me will also be leveling it and doing minor landscaping, these guysare amazing. They are working hard and things are progressing at a reasonable rate. Today they shipped a loader over and built a driveway, it is made of clay and rock (nature’s concrete), it is very solid and nice to drive on. Wanda and I went out there to check it out, we are happy with it.

The driveway is two feet higher than the average field height, and about 18 feet wide.

It seems a bit like a dream, just a few weeks ago I was asking Wanda where we wanted the shop/house and where we should put the driveway. A few quick doodles on the site plan and a run with the mower to cut out the outline and it’s being done. I keep thinking, are we doing this right, will this look good when it’s built like this?  We just drew a turn around loop in the driveway by the garage and it’ll be in tomorrow; set in stone, and clay. Well it’s too late for second thoughts anyways, we may as well decide where we want the house to go and make a place for it as well.