Happy birthday Jen

Happy birthday Jen. We went for dinner in Selkirk with Jen and Tre tonight at an Italian restaurant. They cooked with real cream in there sauces, it was rich, I can still feel it inside me. Sorry gallbladder.

Things are rather busy lately, We’ve been looking for landfill to build a driveway and build up an area under the shop. I bought a tractor today, it’s a Cockshutt 40, I think it’s a good deal. I got the tractor for 5 K$ and it comes with a snow blower, and a brush cutter.  The tractor is nice, it has a front end loader, a three point hitch, live PTO and live hydraulics.

I’ll add some pictures later (I don’t have any yet), as for now Wanda and I are going to watch a movie.

Oh, all the talk about putting high resolution and low resolution pictures will have to wait for a while, I tried some experimenting and it looks like I have a lot more to learn before I can implement it. For now I am going to change how the pictures load by using multiple progressive passes.