Top 10 burgers

Wanda, Scott, and I went out for a burger at the burger factory on Nairn today. It was a top notch burger, and I have eaten many burgers. I find that I am usually saying that whichever burger I’m eating is so good that it rates in the top ten of all the burgers that I’ve eaten.  It seems that it’s time to make a top ten burger list. I’m going to leave all homemade burgers off this list.

The Top Ten Retail Burger List:

  1. The burger that I ate at the Ashern Bull Auction.
  2. A Burger from the restaurant at the Steeprock beach
  3. The burger factory on Nairn burger (I had the factory special)
  4. The King supreme
  5. Double cheese burger from the “Top Dogg” hot dog stand by my work
  6. Whopper with cheese, no onions, heavy all  (I’m allergic to onions)
  7. McD Cheese burger with lettuce and a handful of fries in it.
  8. Teen Burger or Mozza Burger I forget which one
  9. DQ Cheese burger
  10. Skinner’s burgers