Window upgrades

We took the old windows out of my dad’s house and replaced them with new ones. It went a lot easier than I thought it would.  To remove the window we took the trim off from the inside, then went to the outside and removed the brick molding (the brown part surrounding the window shown in the upper left picture). After this was done the window could be pushed out of the wall. The new window is shimmed at the with a few slices of wood cut from a scrap piece then placed into the hole. Two holes are drilled on each side and two at the top. Screws are put through the holes drilled through the inside of the window to fasten the window to the studs in the wall. Plastic caps were provided to fill the holed drilled to install the screws. We had only minor problems with the opening on the outside not being large enough to accept the brick molding of the new window, one front opening had to be cut larger, and the kitchen window opening was too small (or the window was too big) and the stucco had to be cut. We got four front windows done on the front of the house, and the kitchen window done on the back. The only one left is the second story window on the back of the house, we are going to do that one tomorrow. The old windows will be donated to habitat for humanity.