Case model L

We went to Jonesy’s for breakfast with my dad today to celebrate fathers day. After that we went to check out our garden, it was very wet. I got a few pictures of the garden, and a few of the Case Model L. It is more complete than the one in the museum but needs more cleaning up. Later today we went to my dad’s house for supper, Wanda cooked meatballs in cream sauce with mushrooms, brussel sprouts, noodles with sauce, and mashed potatoes. It was a good meal. I baked a cake for my dad, it was chocolate with vanilla icing. The cake was all good until we decided to make dome decorative letters on it, we were out of food coloring. Rather than not have letters Wanda suggested to mix some lemon extract with the icing to make it yellow, it didn’t make much difference. I decided to mix some kool-aide powder with the icing, it turned it pink. All was good until we ate the icing, it was very flavorful and tasted like strong lemonade.