Caddy Lake

Went to Caddy lake with Wanda, Dave, and Olivia. We caught 5 Northern Pike, 4 Perch, and 1 Black Crappie.  Sorry for not posting all weekend it’s been busy. We got sunburned today. After We got home Olivia and Wanda cooked the fish and some chips, then we all ate. It was really good. Dave and I filleted the Northern Pike and removed all the bones. It took a while to learn how to do it, but now I can fillet them practically bone free. All these fish plus 4 Walleye that Dave and Olivia caught the day previous were eaten, only one bone was found.

The black crappie is a interesting fish, it reminds me of a piranha, and the way that it played dead while it was in the boat makes me think that it is an intelligent fish. Sorry fish, we ate you anyways. The perch had worms in them, we found them after we filleted all of them. We didn’t eat them, it was somewhat disgusting.