Troy’s House

We planted 50 Lilac bushes today, it was rough work. The planting wasn’t bad, but finding the old bushes planted last year was time consuming. The old bushes look like a stick with a few leaves on the bottom and the grass and weeds are so tall you can’t find them. It didn’t take too long to plant them though.

After planting we went to Troy’s house for a barbeque, he made some excellent burgers. It was our first time in Troy’s new house, one of the things that impressed me about it’s design is that everything is low maintenance. Troy’s backyard is all sidewalk blocks, deck, and pea gravel, it looks very appealing and has no grass to cut. The inside of the house has easy to clean floors which are mostly hardwood, ceramic, and linoleum.  He also has a screen room attached to the upper level on the back of the house, it overlooks the backyard and neighborhood.