Canadian Shield

The plan for today was to plant trees, the problem was that it is going to rain all day. The solution: go fishing instead.

We went to Caddy Lake in the Whiteshell Provincial park with our friend Tammy. It was very cold 5C, raining non stop, with a strong wind. We were all wearing winter gloves, and were freezing. We went to a local store where we bought some rain suits, they worked excellent. We looked as thought we were fishing on the ocean. We ended up not catching any fish, but we had a great time.

A spark plug makes a great fishing weight, it seldom gets snagged in rocks.

The land in the Whiteshell is very different from the parries it is part of the Precambrian Shield or Canadian shield, it is very hilly, has more pine trees, lots of moss, deer everywhere, and large rocks all over the place.