I watched the news tonight and saw that it had snowed in Thompson Manitoba and Saskatchewan (not northern Saskatchewan, regular Saskatchewan). There is a frost warning, thunderstorms and rain tonight. This is not normal, frost and thunderstorms are not supposed to happen on the same day. There was hail in Portage la Prairie and tornadoes yesterday.

I have noticed that there have been more thunderstorms, and better thunderstorms then there have been in the past. When I was younger I would enjoy a good thunderstorm, and I only remember there being three or four a year. Two years ago there was a week with storms every night, and they were good ones with non stop lightning. A week or so ago I was worried that we hadn’t got the entire garden in, tonight there is frost.

Is it global warming, it may be. It seems that there is usually a good storm after a hot humid day, if it is hotter than average I would expect better storms than average. We’ll have to wait and see what is yet to come. As for now it’s chicken wing night and I’m on my way.