A set of disks

I picked up the generator/welder today, it starts great, is almost light enough to load into a truck myself (I didn’t try, but it feels rather light), and it runs the air compressor. I was worried that it might not start the compressor when the tank is full, but it works fine.  Now that I have it, I’ve gotten the itch to weld something, the next project is to weld a bracket on the offset disks so that I can temporarily mount my harrows on them. It might be a bit unconventional, but the disks need more weight, and I don’t have a cultivator to mount the harrows on.  The next task is to buy some welding cable. I know I should get 1/0 cable or thicker, but for now I’m going to buy 2 gauge. It will handle the full current of the welder if the length is short enough, and at $2 a foot I’m probably only going to buy forty feet for now.

Shown below is the disks with harrows attached, there is a 4X4 wood piece used on either side to attach the harrows to the angle iron. I want to replace this with a piece of steel, as the mounting brackets are already chewing the wood.