I have decided to buy a generator to run a saw and an air compressor, this will be useful when building the shop. I have thought about having a temporary electrical service, but it seems like this will be the easiest route for the amount of electricity we will require. I have been looking at buying a generator for a while and have decided that I would buy something with some quality. Joe from work has owned a few and had told me stories of new generators seizing, and needing parts while he built his cottage. It seems like most generators these days are only meant for emergency backup power not real use. I decided that I would buy a engine powered welder, that also has a generator. I found a local mechanical company that has downsized and was selling multiple welders that were not in use. I had a choice between a miller bobcat for $2400 or a Thermal Arc Scout for $1200. I wanted the bobcat, but there is no room for it in the work van, and It is too heavy to move with only two people. I settled on the Scout, It welds at 170 Amps Direct current, and is a 4000 Watt generator. I would have liked a larger generator, but the price is right, and it’s all that I can lift. It has a 9HP Honda motor, people who have those motors seem to like them.