Scott M

We went to the Hi Neighbor fare in Transcona today, then we went to Scott’s house for dinner. He cooked lots of food, we had salad, steak, pork, turnip, potatoes, carrot cake, focaccia bread (with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip), corn, and a few other things. It was great. And yes Scott, I am the dan fetter from, you are the first to ask that.

On the way to Scott’s house we stopped at Wanda’s uncle’s house to drop some stuff off. He had some northern pike that he was cutting into fish steaks. I attempted to show him how to fillet them without any bones. I got one filleted not too badly, but not too good either.

Wanda and I went to some garage sales this morning, we didn’t find anything that we liked.  Later on we went to Beausejour for our cousin Alyssa’s birthday, she turned one today.  It was a good birthday party with burgers, cake and all the side dishes. Tina gave her a bench that she had painted a Bambi theme on, it looked amazing. Shown below is me (black hat) with my dad (red hat), we’re both squinting because it’s bright out. I’m always squinting in outdoor pictures.

First catfish

I caught my first official catfish today, it’s small but it’s a real one. Up until now we have only caught bullheads, carp, and freshwater drum.