Jetta fuel economy

I filled the Jetta with fuel today and now can calculate the fuel economy, for those who don’t know how to calculate fuel economy I’ll do it here.

The last time I filled the tank I stopped when bubbles came up the vent pipe when this happened today I had put 45.3 Liters into it, I managed to fit 48.9 Liters into it today and it was full (won’t take any more).

To  calculate the fuel economy I will take the amount of fuel used (45.3L) and the distance traveled (804 KM) then convert to imperial units.     45.3L / 4.545  = 9.97 Gallons    804KM / 1.6 = 502.5 Miles

Once this is done it is as simple as dividing the miles by the gallons  502.5 Miles / 9.97 Gallons = 50.40 Miles per Gallon

And for those few people who are truly metric (45.3Liters / 804Km) X 100 = 5.63 Liters/100KM

The real bonus is that I bought diesel fuel for 80.8 cents per Liter today, as I was filling the car I looked at the gasoline price, it was 112.4 cents per Liter. Good deal for me.