More electrical usage

Read the power meters again. We were on vacation for a week that I took readings before and after, and I got a reading today July 16.

I have decided to calculate the usage in price per month, by averaging the usage per day and multiplying by 30, then by 0.10 as we pay close to $0.10 per KwH.

Cost per month while away.

Dryer $0.90

Furnace $58.80

Well $15.90

Hot Water tank $5.91

Cost per month while home. May 23 – July 16

Dryer $16.50

Furnace $8.40

Well $41.40

Hot Water tank $56.58

Today I have changed the sensors to the Outdoor A/C unit, the furnace (for the fan that runs when the A/C is on), The kitchen stove, the hot water tank. I’ll wait a month or so and see how it goes. It’s going to be 30C outside today and 35C tomorrow. I’d like to see how much the A/C costs on a hot day.

Electrical usage update

The 4 wattmeters that I installed a month ago have counted our usage and here are the results

Clothes dryer $12.00

Water pump $24.60

Electric Furnace $65.70

Electric hot water heater $44.40

More power meters

Ok, now I am hooked, I got 4 more power meters and I will give them a run for a month and see what we find.

The far left is measuring the electric furnace, it draws 274W for the fan and 15.7KW while heating.

Next to that is the water pump, using 1.26KW

Next on the bottom is the stove, this sensor exploded right after I turned on the power.

And at the top we have the dryer 654W when tumbling 6.14KW heating and tumbling.

Just as a note, all sensors started at 0 on April 13, 7:30pm I’ll recheck them in a week or so.

A different day, a different table

I’ve done it before, and we are doing it again. Our dining table is in poor condition, so we sanded the top off and we are going to restain it. You can see the white marks from plates and pots that were too hot, and even some sharpie marker marks from the kids. We sanded it and started to stain it. I put it on a bit too thick so we might sand that a bit before coating it with a water based sealer.

Snow fort

Came home to a new snow fort in the backyard and had hotdogs for dinner. It has everything you could want including a open concept fridge and cupholders for hot chocolate. There was a blowing snow advisory going when we had our campfire and you couldn’t tell.