New table saw

I bought a new table saw the other day. It’s flipping heavy, like four sheets of drywall by yourself heavy. The box says 300 pounds. I spent the last two or three days unpacking, assembling and calibrating it. I’ve decided to build our own cabinets and cupboards so I’ll get some use out of it. Maybe I’ll be one of those crazy woodworking guys that makes everything out of wood, Hopefully not.

Hanna the drywall cat

Back to drywall. I put a few more sheets up tonight. Hanna always climbs the ladder and watches me work a few weeks ago she jumped on the rail for the overhead door and walked to the center of the span, the whole rail started oscillating (vibrating) a few inches back and forth, I ran up the ladder to stop it. She doesn’t go up there anymore. I bought this light from one of our customers for ten dollars, I’m using it for temporary light until I get the scaffolding into the garage to paint and put the fixtures in the ceiling.

Our fish

After work today we picked up our fish and brought him home, I also built a temporary stand for his tank out of scrap pallet wood, and it looked good so we painted it with a water based wood sealer.

Jake the cat

I bought a 1/2″ EMT (Metal conduit) bender, a length of conduit and four lengths 14ga wire and wired the electric door opener buttons, it works good, I can’t believe we’ve been pulling the chain all this time. Jake was a good help, he always climbs the ladder and sits on my shoulder when I work.