New toilet

Today we got our well waited for toilet, it is a Kohler Kingston which is a wall hung toilet without a tank, it requires a flushometer. I got a Sloan royal sensor operated flushometer for it from eBay. I reinforced the wall studs with 23/32″ OSB, and as you can see the carrier is too big to fit inside one wall, it required two walls spaced apart to fit everything inside. I hooked it to a 1″ copper line and have had some pressure drop during high flow when flushing, I think I’m going to put a second pressure tank behind it to help, but it’s working good enough for now.

Partition wall

Today I built a partition wall that will separate the garage from the living area. It is 18′ tall and very heavy. I lifted it halfway with the scaffold winch and then I lag bolted a 2 X 10 plate on the west wall that I used to pull it the rest of the way with some pulleys and rope. It took an hour but it’s in place now. I had to build it in three sections.

Attic insulation

Today we got our attic insulated, Our friend Wayne told us that it wasn’t worth it to blow this stuff yourself, just get a guy to come and do it. Well we’ve done just about everything ourselves so far, but we decided it would be too much hassle to do ourselves. The price for these guys was <$200 more than the cost of renting the equipment and hauling the product ourselves. We used “Above All Roofing and Insulation”, to do this job and they were great. I actually wasn’t home at the time but Wanda said they came in, did the work, cleaned up afterwards and were really friendly and straight foreword, plus they were one of the few companies that called us back within a few hours. I think they are the guys to use.