Magazine subscription scam?

I think there’s a magazine subscription scam that a lot of magazines are pulling. Here’s what I’ve found. Ten years ago I bought a magazine subscription for Aaron for his birthday, they never showed up.  Last year Wanda wanted a magazine subscription for herself but it was slightly cheaper to send it as a gift so she sent it to me and they didn’t show up. She complained and called their number enough times that they finally mailed her the two issues that were missed and we’ve haven’t seen another issue yet and it’s been more than a few months. Plus she cancelled one of her subscriptions that she just started (didn’t receive any subscriptions yet / but it was new) to start a different magazine subscription, and it’s been a few months without anything been sent to us.

I think magazine companies make a lot of money by forgetting to send you the magazine after you sign up with them. It’s happened to us numerous times.

Happy birthday Wanda

Jen, Rebecca, and I took Wanda to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, and then we went to see fireworks with Steve, Dan, Ken, Elaine, Darryl, and Tara (sorry if I spelt your names wrong). The food was great, and the fireworks were too.

Wanda thinks it’s funny that I got her a wheelbarrow for her birthday, I got her some other things too that she really liked, but it’s funny for her to tell people that I got her a wheelbarrow. I think her favorite gift was an Ikea cheese grater set from Aaron and Christy (sorry about the spelling, I wish names were in the spell check).