Building day 30

Nothing too exciting today, Curt told me where I needed to do some reworking of a few braces in the trusses where they connect to the gable end truss, I needed to put a block on the gable truss and tie it into the chord braces of the common trusses. I had extra 2X4’s and now I had a use for them. I also put the extra studs in that I needed to make the rough opening the correct size for my overhead door. I took down the catwalk, and I’ve started removing the catwalk braces so that I can use them as fire blocking in the walls.

I called the building inspector and he tells me that I need the blocking installed 4′ on center (I need 4 per space between the studs.) that will be a project for next week.

Building day 29

Today was a good day, Cory and cousin Curt (sorry if I spelt that wrong), Wanda, My Dad, Jen, Tre, and myself were all there. Curt laid down plywood on the roof and tacked it in place, Cory did stapling, My dad and Jen hauled plywood and attached it to the hoist, Jen did most of the pulling, Wanda was doing general work, and she also organized the eating, Tre enjoyed the snow and the ds, I almost did nothing. Well Curt called down for a few two by fours to be cut to a certain length, I did a bit of that, and I ate some hamburgers.

Cory and Curt were good at what they did,  you could see that they had spent some time doing this before. We started all got there at 9:00 am, but after setting everything up we didn’t get really working until after 9:30. These guys had the roof covered with plywood, ends trimmed, stapled in place, fully done by 2:00 pm. and they stopped for coffee. It was interesting watching them work, I’m inexperienced when it comes to working up in the trusses, I’ve put my time in up there, but I still take a long time to get around. These guys just fly, I saw Curt walking on the top of the wall, and to get down for coffee they will climb down from the roof through the rafters to get to the ladder. When I need the saw on the roof I need someone to bring it up, Curt will lay down on the bottom chord of the trusses and get you to throw the cord to him. These guys are good stuff.

The hamburgers Wanda cooked were great, and thanks to my dad for getting more propane.

Everyone left around 3:00 pm, but since I didn’t do too much yet, I sheathed the south wall. It took until the sun was down and I still have one more piece to install, but it’s just about done.


Building day 28

Today Wanda, Jen, Tre, and myself went to do some work on the house. Wanda and Jen got the hurricane brackets installed (except 8). I finished building the over head hoist. Then we all started sheathing the roof.

The hoist worked perfectly, and we got the first row sheathed plus a bit. Actually it was 10.5 sheets that we got up into place. Things are looking good. I think we will use 160 sheets of plywood (partial and full) in total, so we are 14.5% done so far. We are going to go at it tomorrow morning with all the people from today, plus my dad, Cory, and Curt. With possibly a special guest appearance from Andrew and Steve. We’ll actually have too many people out there, well as long as they can entertain themselves things will be all right.

Future things to do:

  • I need to make a final electrical plan and get a permit
  • I also need to order my electrical panel (Done)
  • I need to get flashing for the bottom and the drip edge (Done)
  • I should order shingles soon (Done)
  • I need to finish the rough opening for the overhead door and install it (Done)
  • I need locksets (Done)
  • I need windows delivered
  • I need to call my plumber (Done)
  • I have twelve hours to decide how much space to leave for a ridge vent (3″ ,done)
  • I got to find out when road restrictions go on (concrete must be poured before then) Done

March 18 road restrictions art %90 of normal axle loads March 25 they are %65 of normal axle loads. I think I have big problems.

Building day 27

I got the over hang done on both gable ends, and I just about have the fascia board completed, I just have 14 feet left to go plus some minor trimming on the ends. I have made a homemade crane to lift the plywood to the roof; it still needs some minor touches but it will be working by Sunday so that we can start sheathing the roof. The house is starting to look like a house.

I’ve decided to put some metal connectors on the south wall to tie the headers above the windows into the double top plate. The roof is very strong for downward forces but I think it could be prone to lifting if we get some high winds. The blueprints called for hurricane brackets on the ends of each truss, and there is a 8 foot unfastened length above each of the four windows on the south side.

Before Sunday I will need to finish the fascia, get the plywood hoist operational and finish installing hurricane brackets and framing connectors. I should also pick up another box of staples for the sheathing stapler. There’s a lot of extra metal that I’ve put into the house, hopefully we didn’t need it but you never know what the weather will throw at you.

Building day 26

I should note that although this is building day 26, I have not yet put 26 days of work into the house. The building days that fall on a week day I usually work from 5:30 PM until 9:00 PM (I’d work later but I think the neighbors kids are probably sleeping), and on the weekend days I generally work from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

I’m trying to get more time to work on the house, and I think after I get the roof on it and it’s enclosed I will be able to leave my tools out ready for use. I usually spend half an hour unpacking and setting up and the same tearing down at the end of the day. It’s a bit of a pain but I don’t want to find them under a foot of snow when I get there after leaving them out. The wind and snow swirl through the building and leave large drifts at times. I’m excited about the time change that will give me an extra hour of sunlight. When you are building outside with a 500 watt light, sunlight is like gold. The sun goes down and the wind comes up, an extra hour will make a huge difference.

Today I started the Cockshutt 40 and used the snow blower to cut a path around the house. Snow has been gathering around the south side of the house and it’s made using a ladder extra hard, actually it’s made walking hard as well; it’s getting to be two feet high. The snow blower worked well but it needs some adjustments so that it cuts closer to the ground. I think I need to lengthen the upper linkage of the three point hitch to tilt the top away from the tractor, I’ll save that for another day.

I also put another overhang piece on the east wall. Tomorrow I will fasten the last  five feet of overhang and it will be done. I’ll be very happy when I can do some work that doesn’t involve walking in the trusses. I’ve lost my nerve for crawling around up there, it’s starting to get scary again. Maybe it’s just not as enjoyable because the wind-chill is -35 today, and so windy at the top. Well one more day of work and I think the roof will be ready for sheathing.

The plan for tomorrow it to finish the overhang, put the fascia on the south wall, and hook up the overhead hoist to raise sheets of plywood to the roof. If I get all that done I’ll either put another row of OSB on the south wall or I’ll put some hurricane anchors on the trusses. I’ll probably leave the OSB for a time when the sun is up, the anchors can be installed in the dark.