Building day 18

Today was a rough one, nothing went well. I had hoped to finish bracing the trusses and maybe get to installing the over hangs on the house. But the weather did not cooperate at all. The temperature has gone up to near zero today and we got freezing rain that coated everything, Crawling around in the trusses is rather scary when they’re coated with ice, and scraping ice off the studs before attaching OSB takes some time. I didn’t get much done at all. I think I’m starting to prefer those minus thirty days.

Building day 17

Today I went out to the house myself, there was only enough work for one person to do anyway, plus there was a wind-chill and a blizzard warning. It was no place for helpers, they would freeze solid in those conditions. I picked up a few (12) two by fours to build the ladders for the overhang of the roof on the east and the west wall. It’s an easy but time consuming job to make these and it was a good job to do today as the wind was up to forty miles per hour and it was very cold. It was woo crazy to put up any OSB (oriented strand board) with such wind.

I started the day by finishing the board that I installed at the peak of the ridge of the trusses, and quickly found out that it’s too cold to work in the roof today. I came back down to ground level, and cut the boards for the overhangs and marked the fascia and attached the boards to it. Then I braced them at an angle to square them and secure them, as the trip to the top of the roof will be a bumpy one for them.  I’ll post some pictures when it’s assembled, it was getting too dark for taking pictures when I finished working. I’m taking tomorrow off as it’s going to be just as cold and windy, too windy to work in the trusses and too cold for the air staplers to work. I’ll have to wait for warmer days.