I worked on a Perkins diesel today. It was all good, until the water pump gasket that I changed started leaking, or maybe it wasn’t the problem. Well that’s one to fix tomorrow and enough of that for now.

Golf  ball sized hail is on it’s way says the news, it is in Carmen right now. If you believe the weather guy, now is the time to take the bad car out of the garage and put the good car in. Lets hope for the best. If anyone gets hail, take a picture, I’ll post the best one.

Please ignore the spelling errors, I just ran a spell check and was hitting ignore rather than change, I haven’t found all the mistakes yet.

Jetta fuel economy

I filled the Jetta with fuel today and now can calculate the fuel economy, for those who don’t know how to calculate fuel economy I’ll do it here.

The last time I filled the tank I stopped when bubbles came up the vent pipe when this happened today I had put 45.3 Liters into it, I managed to fit 48.9 Liters into it today and it was full (won’t take any more).

To  calculate the fuel economy I will take the amount of fuel used (45.3L) and the distance traveled (804 KM) then convert to imperial units.     45.3L / 4.545  = 9.97 Gallons    804KM / 1.6 = 502.5 Miles

Once this is done it is as simple as dividing the miles by the gallons  502.5 Miles / 9.97 Gallons = 50.40 Miles per Gallon

And for those few people who are truly metric (45.3Liters / 804Km) X 100 = 5.63 Liters/100KM

The real bonus is that I bought diesel fuel for 80.8 cents per Liter today, as I was filling the car I looked at the gasoline price, it was 112.4 cents per Liter. Good deal for me.


Happy birthday Wanda.

And happy Canada Day.

Today we were at Ken’s farm. Actually it’s a continuation of the entire weekend that we spent at the farm. We went to Ken’s family reunion, it was  lots of fun, and lots of mosquitoes. We got pretty bitten up. We slept in a camper last night the mosquitoes kept us up to two this morning, it was pretty rough.

Wanda and I also went to Steep rock with Ken, Elaine (my mom), and Keith. It is super nice there, the water is ultra blue/green and very clean, you feel like you are in the Caribbean when you are there. We went for a walk along the beach, and we ate excellent burgers. The burgers rate in the top ten on my burgers list, very good. It’s worth the trip for the burger alone.