Tire Groover

Today I learned how to re-groove tires. There were no spare tires for Mike to teach me with so he volunteered his shoe. The tire groover has a sharp blade that gets hot enough to melt/cut through the rubber. It goes a lot faster than I expected. To use the groover you push the blade into the rubber, as pressure is applied it makes the electrical contact to heat the blade. The blade glides smoothly through the rubber, then it’s done. Simple, now to try it on a tire.  Thanks for the quick lesson Mike. I should note that this is used for solid rubber tires, not the ones with air in them.


It is flipping hot today in Winnipeg. We have air conditioning in our apartment but it can’t keep up with the heat. All our windows face south, and even with the blinds closed, the air conditioning can’t keep up. Plus we have the worst layout for air movement. The bedroom is down a long hallway, at the opposite end of the hall is the living room with the air conditioner. You don’t get much cooling in the bedroom. In an attempt to remedy this I bought a blower.

The blower does work, but not as well as I would like. It blows 300 cubic feet per minute (says the box), but for a squirrel cage style blower it is rather noisy. I think this is because it has safety grills on the air entrances and exits. I may one day cut them off, but for now I want to see if we like it better than our current fan. It does move more air and is quieter than our current fan which makes it good for blowing cool hall air into the bedroom. One other thing that we don’t like about it is that it is yellow, it would be fine for the shop but it’s not so good for the home. Wanda had to hold back a laugh when I showed it to her.

Caddy Lake

Went to Caddy lake with Wanda, Dave, and Olivia. We caught 5 Northern Pike, 4 Perch, and 1 Black Crappie.  Sorry for not posting all weekend it’s been busy. We got sunburned today. After We got home Olivia and Wanda cooked the fish and some chips, then we all ate. It was really good. Dave and I filleted the Northern Pike and removed all the bones. It took a while to learn how to do it, but now I can fillet them practically bone free. All these fish plus 4 Walleye that Dave and Olivia caught the day previous were eaten, only one bone was found.

The black crappie is a interesting fish, it reminds me of a piranha, and the way that it played dead while it was in the boat makes me think that it is an intelligent fish. Sorry fish, we ate you anyways. The perch had worms in them, we found them after we filleted all of them. We didn’t eat them, it was somewhat disgusting.

Scott M

We went to the Hi Neighbor fare in Transcona today, then we went to Scott’s house for dinner. He cooked lots of food, we had salad, steak, pork, turnip, potatoes, carrot cake, focaccia bread (with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip), corn, and a few other things. It was great. And yes Scott, I am the dan fetter from danfetter.com, you are the first to ask that.

On the way to Scott’s house we stopped at Wanda’s uncle’s house to drop some stuff off. He had some northern pike that he was cutting into fish steaks. I attempted to show him how to fillet them without any bones. I got one filleted not too badly, but not too good either.

Wanda and I went to some garage sales this morning, we didn’t find anything that we liked.  Later on we went to Beausejour for our cousin Alyssa’s birthday, she turned one today.  It was a good birthday party with burgers, cake and all the side dishes. Tina gave her a bench that she had painted a Bambi theme on, it looked amazing. Shown below is me (black hat) with my dad (red hat), we’re both squinting because it’s bright out. I’m always squinting in outdoor pictures.