Best soup ever, really.

Wanda made the best soup ever tonight. She put ground beef, stewed tomatoes, carrots, celery, sambal oleck hot sauce, and spaghetti noodles in it. I ate four bowls, then Sabrina and Chuck invited us for dinner at Boston Pizza. I had an appetizer for second dinner. It was a good evening with excellent company.


Greyhound sucks.

The plan for today is to take Wanda’s sister and niece back to Saskatchewan. They were here visiting us over the long weekend. They took the greyhound bus here, then greyhound went on strike and they have no way home. I hope greyhound loses business this weekend.

Have you ever waited for the numbers on the odometer to line up a certain way, I do and I don’t know why. This week I get 123456 in the work van, and 88888.8 in Wanda’s car on the way west today.

Cell phone M500

My phone has big problems! I have a Samsung M500, I’ve had it for four months. I have had multiple problems with it. My friend Calvin has had the same phone and has exchanged it under warranty multiple times. I have ignored it’s problems, and I keep having more.

This is what it has done so far:

  1. At times during use, it will freeze. You could push any button and it will not respond, opening and closing the flap does not fix it either.  The fix is to wait one minute for it to reboot, or remove and reinsert the battery.

  2. The buttons on the keypad have scratched the screen, this does not bother me at all as I only really use it as a phone.

  3. Twice a month on average, it will disconnect it’s self from the network. You can not tell that it has done this, it shows full signal strength, and all is good. But while it is doing this you will not receive any text messages or phone calls. You usually find out it’s done this when you try to send a text message, you get a message of “can not send text message.”  And when you try to make an outgoing call you get the message “call not completed, out of range.” The fix, try to turn the phone off, it will reboot then enter service area and you will find that people have left you messages and text while the phone was offline.

  4. Today at superstore I attempted to take a picture and everything was upside down on the screen, by this I mean the regular (just opened the phone) was fine, but the camera (see what your taking a picture of) screen was upside down, and as I found out later mirror imaged.  (note: this one was my fault, if the volume is pressed while in camera mode it does this.)

I still like the phone, it doesn’t compare to my old Samsung a680; but it does take a good picture if you hold it upside down and don’t mind everything being mirror imaged.

Water main break

I saw this water main break today, there was blackish water coming from the manholes around Logan and route 90, this one wasn’t too bad, the manholes farther down Logan had 10″ of water coming from them.

Gas is at a premium price, today I saw $1.214/Liter. We may as well start saying the price in dollars and cents rather than cents alone, it’s not going down under a dollar anytime soon, but I don’t feel it will stay this high for much after the long weekend.

On the plus side I got a good price for topsoil, I can get 11 yards of sandy loam for $160 and 15 yards of horse manure for $75.  Sandy loam will make the perfect mix with the clay soil that we have. Perfect soil has equal parts of sand clay and loam, ours has too much clay. The horse manure will supply the organic matter and nutrients to help the garden grow. We just have to wait until the road restrictions are removed, then our soil will be on the way.

I ordered another 900 trees from the P.F.R.A. shelterbelt program, this will compliment the 1300 trees that we planted last year. I will use the trees to fill in the places where last year’s trees have died, then plant a few more in the low spots that were skipped last year. I can plant 150 trees a night if I know where to put them, but this time it will not be as easy as last year. I will have to find the previous trees (hard to find in tall grass), assess if they are alive, and plant the trees where they are needed. So far we have six rows of trees that are 1/2 mile long each, with an estimated %90 survival rate. The trees look like a 12″ long stick with one or two leaves on it, we got three types or trees, Manitoba Maple, Green Ash, and Lilac.

Future garden

I didn’t do this today, but this is a picture of where the garden will go. I’ve been over it with the disks a few times, it’s looking good, but has too much clay to plant. It needs sand and organic matter to fix the clay problem. I got a pick up price of sand $26/yard and topsoil $24/yard, I’m looking for a good delivered price. It’ll be cheaper to deliver it then hauling it a yard at time ourselves.